Seattle City Hall Wedding | Sonia and Andrew


Sonia found me online looking for "Seattle Courthouse Weddings"!  Isn't the power of social media and GOOGLE amazing?!  It always amazes me anytime an inquiry comes from Googling.  I've worked hard at that, but it still gets me every time!

I am so grateful they found me for their seattle courthouse wedding!

Andrew and Sonia met 2 years earlier in Costa Rica while attending a retreat centre where they both were doing some self-work... she told me the rest was history!  From that time, they traveled to Guatemala together, and for the past two years, Sonia has gone back and forth to Seattle from her home base of Montreal.  She's a freelancer (like me!) so it was so fun to have so much in common with her!  Connecting with fellow creatives always brings me such joy.  

She expressed to me that their journey has been so transformative and expanding to love and be loved so deeply.  These two are the real deal and they wanted to do something that reflects their own style of simplicity with a small and intimate courthouse wedding in Seattle.  It was set up to be with and for their families.  Later on, they will be going to Hawaii to have a private ceremony with a shaman on the Big Island!  I just love it!

I love big weddings, but there's something so magical about very intimate weddings, too...

I met them at their Airbnb which was so dang cute, and totally their style.  I love that about Airbnb!  You can really customize your experience.  It was light, bright, and full of fresh plants and greenery.  It made me so happy just being in the space.  Sonia and Andrew were there together just the two of them and I loved how they got ready together.

At one point I had them sit on the bed and I asked Andrew to whisper a time he was most proud of Sonia.  I couldn't hear what he was saying, but I saw their faces.  He spoke so softly, and for awhile.  They had a "moment", and so did I behind my camera!  Ahhh... I'd just met these two and I was already crying... #typical.  

Sometimes you meet people who are just so good.  These are those kind of people, and their families!  It was perfect.

We hopped in an UBER and went to the courthouse where we met up with their families... what a fun group!  Seriously, they were great!

Judge Ed McKenna officiated the wedding ceremony and I've had the pleasure of working with him three times now.  He's wonderful and makes every wedding (even if it's SO FAST) special.  He listens and wants your experience to be just that, yours.  I often wonder what his job must be like... meeting people from all over the world EVERY DAY and seeing all the different couples in and out of his chambers.  I bet he has some really great stories.

Anyway, the rest of our time together was spent capturing family formals and portraits of Sonia and Andrew!  We wrapped up our time together just walking downtown and stopping at various spots I thought were fun for photos, it was totally on a whim and totally a blast.

Thank you, Sonia and Andrew for allowing me to be part of your special day because it was SO special and I just adore you both.  I hope our paths cross again in the future!  You can check out Sonia here on Instagram!

While I did not make it to the reception, Sonia sent me a photo of their menu, which looked absolutely AMAZING!  Looking back I should have invited myself to dinner ;)  Yummmm!  All menu items were locally grown and seasonal!

image1 (1).jpeg

enjoy this beautiful wedding!


Reception : The Corson Building, Seattle

Dress: Essence of Australia

Shoes: Schutz

Venue: Seattle Municipal Court

Florals: Seattle Flower Lab

Sonia's advice for any bride planning their own wedding: "Enjoy every moment. Soak it all in. Go with the flow, have fun!"

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