The Workouts That Changed My Life


I've already talked a lot about the workouts I do but I realized I haven't gone into DETAIL about the workouts that have virtually changed my life in just three months.  When all of this first started back in early December 2017, I had a friend message me saying that I could try her Beachbody on Demand account to see what I think so I said yes and right away started with the 21 Day Fix.  I've attempted this series before (back in late 2015) but I think I only made it like day 12 or something.  At that time it was just the DVD set, not what the Beachbody OnDemand offers now!

So I decided to go all in with the 21 day fix and haven't looked back since!

A dive into my own personal journey to a better and healthier lifestyle with a workout program that truly changed my life for the best.  I found the 21 Day Fix program through Beachbody and have had incredible results with my own personal weight loss journey.  To learn more about how I've lost over 50 pounds and finally feel healthy, come on in to read more!  #21dayfix #workout #weightlosstransformation #exercise #wellness

I won't lie that it was a challenge in the beginning for a few different reasons.  One being that my daughter, Riley was kind of a hot mess when I would do my videos.  This didn't last long but she would whine, cry, and try to climb all over me and then get upset when I would ask her to stop.  But I kept going and finished the workouts. There were also some days I would try to talk myself out of the workout... all day... then 10 or 11 PM rolled around and I got my butt down on that yoga mat to finish the workout for the day.  It wasn't easy. I'm not going to sit here and say that all of this was a breeze because I'm still challenged every day but the difference now is that I WANT to workout. It's become a part of my every day life and I feel incomplete if for some reason I take a day off.   Breaking bad habits and creating healthy habits takes TIME. Give it time. Show up and just do it because while it might suck sometimes, I guarantee you will feel amazing afterward... and also proud of yourself.

So here's what the 21 day fix workout schedule looks like:

MONDAY - This was a video I really struggled with in the beginning but it's now one of my absolute favorites!  I'll still throw it in there sometimes if I feel like I want some extra cardio. I have also found this video super versatile.  If I increase my weights, it's a completely different and more difficult workout.

TUESDAY - I love arm day.  Not because it's easy but because it's a part of my body I've really struggled with over the years.  Tank tops have not been in my wardrobe for a very long time because I've always been super self conscious of my arms.  I embrace ANY arm workout through this series because I know it's working a sensitive zone for me! I love the upper fix, you will too!

WEDNESDAY - Lower fix is a great leg workout!  I don't love leg day but I know that it is so important!  Our legs are our biggest muscles so when we work them right, we are burning awesome calories.  I love how Autumn walks you through all the moves so smoothly. I appreciate all the workouts because she's really easy to listen to in my opinion.  I've followed some workout programs online where the instructor drives me nuts and I don't feel that with her.

THURSDAY - I love pilates, any day!  The pilates workout on this series is fabulous.  I've realized just how important working the core is with all these programs.  They touch on abs every single workout in the 21 day fix... it's great!

FRIDAY - Cardio fix is always a challenge for me and I still struggle with any of the cardio fixes in this series and the extreme.  It doesn't get easier for me, if I'm being honest. However, I always feel so accomplished after each time I actually show up for it!  Cardio fix is no joke but just embrace it and know that you are burning some serious calories! I've had to learn to love cardio even though I hate it lol.  My relationship with cardio fix is a total love/hate one.

SATURDAY - Dirty 30!  I honestly LOVE Dirty 30!  It works everything. And for some reason Saturday workouts are always my favorite.  It's something about it being the weekend and getting my workout done so that I can enjoy the rest of the day guilt free feels so good.  I think you'll love this one, too!

SUNDAY - Yoga day!  This is basically a stretch session on this series and it feels really good!  There were a few Sundays I was pretty tired and would just do the video but there were other days I felt awesome and would double up with something like upper fix or total body cardio fix.

The double up option:  This is a great option when you are feeling ready for it!  Listen to your body. I knew when I was ready to double up.  I just knew I needed "more." I didn't start doubling up until I had already completed a full round of the 21 day fix.  I doubled up on the second round.

Modification with my girl Kat:  Kat! I love her. I followed Kat for my entire first round of the 21 day fix program.  She modifies all the moves. Kat is a great tool on there because we all start somewhere.  I was not physically ready to do the main moves they do throughout the series and I had to accept that and not beat myself up.  All that mattered is that I was SHOWING UP for the workout. Eventually I got up to following the others in the workout but it did take time.

10-Minute Abs:  This is AWESOME!  I basically do this video all the time.  It's an awesome "add on". It's 10 minutes, it's tough, and it really works!  I've lost so many inches around my waist and know that this video has helped a lot with that!  Even if you're tired, just bust it out... you will feel so good afterward!

The 21 day fix extreme is what I started on day 43!

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I will not lie... this version is a challenge, but awesome!  If you are ready to really kick things up a notch, this series will kick your butt in the best way possible.  I have completed two rounds of it and currently as I write this post on my third about five days into the program.  It's hard but when you are ready for the next step, I truly think this is the best option if you loved the 21 Day Fix!  So let's talk about the workouts...

MONDAY - Plyo is HARD.  I'll go ahead and just throw that out there from the get go.  I battle through this workout every time. Basically it's a lot of jumping and squatting - your legs will be on FIRE but it's an amazing workout.  I'm always pumped when I'm done because then I don't have to think about it until NEXT Monday, haha!

TUESDAY - Upper fix extreme is one of my favorite workouts on this series.  It's fast paced and really good.

WEDNESDAY - Pilates is also a favorite.  The entire workout is with a resistance band which is something I'd never done before!  Here's the band I use and it's perfect:

THURSDAY - Lower fix extreme is pretty tough, too!  I don't know why I struggle so much with leg workouts but it's probably because it's where I hold a lot of my weight in my legs and mid section so there's a lot to burn there, hah!  They are our biggest muscles so when they are worked it's a total calorie burner which is awesome.

FRIDAY - Cardio day!  This is still a day I don't love... even 3+ months into these workouts.  It's hard. I'm always pooped but I always feel amazing when I finish it.  This one compared to the regular 21 day fix is a lot faster with shorter breaks.  It's challenging but doable! This is one of the workouts I don't like to do by myself.  I push harder when I complete this one with my friends/accountability workout partners.

SATURDAY - Still my favorite!  I love Dirty 30 Extreme. It's probably my favorite day.  It's tough, but because it's on Saturday it still proves to be my favorite day to workout and I always seem to push really hard on this day.  This is also a really fun one to do with a group of people.

SUNDAY - Yoga fix extreme is great.  I love yoga and this one is faster paced and the moves are a bit more challenging.  I will admit that I have skipped Sunday yoga for something else most of the time but when I've done it, I really enjoy it.  I also sometimes just take Sunday off entirely because it's the perfect day to relax and gear up for the week ahead. Since I incorporate MORE now, I don't beat myself up for rest days when I need them.

Mixing up the workouts - I honestly haven't mixed up the workouts on this series very much.  I tried the power strength extreme and it was hard, but fun to try something different!

Incorporating additional exercise - I never double up on the workout videos unless it's like yoga/pilates or upper fix/pilates.  However, I have started incorporating running into my routine. I'm trying to run 2-3 times a week which has really helped push me physically.


Tip 1:  Do Not Compare Yourself to Anyone Else

This is something I preach in business as well... comparison truly is the thief of joy.  ⠀⠀⠀⠀

I don't compare myself to ANYONE ELSE because this is my journey. This is my story. These are MY milestones. It's like any good yoga class you attend - the instructor will tell you to focus on your own practice... don't compare yourself to the girl or guy next to you who has been doing yoga for years. DO YOU. If you gotta lay on your mat and stretch it out in child’s pose - rock on, beautiful. If you can't plank for the full minute or 30 seconds or even 10 seconds... sweet... you will get there, I promise. I remember when I first started I couldn't do a burpee. I had to go so slow and step my feet back, for so many weeks. Then one day I jumped my feet back... I was like "Holy shit!" Haha.  Seriously, though. Burpees were (and still are hard) but I've improved. It took TIME. You can't expect something life changing to happen super fast so don't give up, keep showing up and know that each day you push and fight for yourself, you are getting better and stronger, every day.

Tip 2:  Set Realistic Expectations

I'm going to keep it real... I'm 100+ days into this and I'm still not at my goal weight.  This isn't being said to discourage you (I have no idea where you are starting with all this) BUT it's to emphasize the importance of looking at this PAST the "21 days".  From the get go I got it in my head that this was going to take me many months, possibly the entire year to get where I want to be and I had to be okay with that. A common theme I see all around me since starting #myfighttofeelbetter is that so many want INSTANT results.  They want a quick "fix". They want to know the secrets... trust me, that was me too. I wanted to do the least amount of work possible and also look and feel my best - super reasonable right? No, not even close.

It takes self control. It takes discipline.  It takes something BEYOND motivation. It takes true will to want to make a change that will last forever.  Look beyond the fixes... look WITHIN yourself because the secret is that it all starts and ends with you. If you want true change, you have to be willing to accept that good things take TIME.

Tip 3:  Remember That It Won't Be Easy But It Will Be Worth It

Things that are hard are not easy.  Just remember that. Making TRUE lifestyle changes is not easy and anyone who says it is well I'm sorry but come on... HOWEVER - once it sticks... it's stuck!  At least for me anyway. It hit me around day 60 that this was my forever and exercise is now a real part of my every day. I am out of excuses and now I WANT to get out and move... it's become a part of me.  Give yourself time but don't stop. You WILL reach a point where it simply becomes something you not only have to do, but you love to do.

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So what's next for me?

That's an awesome question!  Currently, I am focusing on continuing my daily workout videos through Beachbody on Demand as well as incorporating more running.  I've begun to fall in LOVE with running and how it makes me feel. I'm not very fast, but I'm feeling confident that I will continue to improve and lengthen my distances.  The furthest I've gone so far is 3.5 miles and I felt amazing. There's something that hits me after about 1 mile which is total relaxation. My body is moving, but my thoughts are pretty still.  I'm focusing on the movement of my body and the air I'm breathing in around me. It's this weird feeling that I'm definitely becoming addicted to. My first ever 5k race is coming up on SATURDAY (March 17!) and I'm ready.  I won't be winning anything BUT I'm believe that I'll get through the 3.1 miles without stopping. I never would have been able to say that a few months ago. It's a personal goal to sign up for a 5k race every month leading up to my first triathlon in July...

I signed up for my first half marathon.

In October, I'll be running my first half marathon.  Up to this point I have only ran a 5k.  The 5k was great and I loved the experience so I can only imagine that the half marathon is going to be pretty amazing, too!  I have a ton of work and training to do but I'm confident I'll be crossing that finish line with a smile on my face!  My brother and his wife are running the full marathon and I'm excited to just be part of it!  

I want to help others get started with this program that changed my life.

Already I know that I have inspired a LOT of people to start these videos.  I'm tagged every day on Instagram about it and it makes me SO HAPPY! If I've inspired you in any way, I would love to help you sign up with Beachbody!  There are a few different options that we can chat about whether you want to just access the ondemand videos or maybe you are interested in some of the product as well - I'm here to help!  I incorporate Shakeology & their Energize Pre-Workout Formula which is the first "energy" powder/drink I've found that doesn't make me feel jittery. It's the PERFECT boost to help me through my toughest workouts.  I cannot recommend this stuff enough - it's AMAZING.

I hope you find this helpful and perhaps you'll also find that these videos, too - can change your life.  It's possible, you just have to want it bad enough. The first time I tried these videos I quit before the 21 days was over, that's the truth.  They were reintroduced to me in December and I'd finally hit my lowest low and knew I had to make a significant change. They came to me at the perfect time.  I want that for you.



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