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Krystal + Steve | Engaged

My first year moving to Southwest Washington was a little tough and majority of my shoots and weddings were still being scheduled over on the east side of the mountains where I'm from (about a 5 hour drive!)  Well... that is wonderful and I do love taking pictures over there in the desert but it's been absolutely incredible this year getting to work with so many LOCAL couples, including these two!

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Tollackson Family

If you love the country, dirt roads, wheat fields and adorable people, you'll want to keep scrolling!  I had the privilege to photograph the Tollackson family while I was home in Eastern Washington visiting my family!

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McGihon Family

Katie and I first met on Instagram.  This is not the first time I've made a new friend from Instagram, which still amazes me every day!  While there are struggles with social media, etc etc., it's also so incredible and powerful!  Since opening up that little corner of the internet...

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