Davis Family


I photographed the Davis family when baby Jaylen was only 10 days old!  When her mama got in touch with me for pictures again this fall, I was so excited!  It's really sweet to watch these babies grow up and that I get to help document these precious memories!  Jaylen was the happiest little girl EVER!  She's toddling everywhere and nothing but smiles and hilarious facial expressions!  Sheena and Ejay are just the cutest, also!  

Both grandparents came to the session and it was very clear to me that this family has a lot of love for each other!  Baby Jaylen LOVES her grandparents (especially grandmas!).  It was so sweet.

I posted on my Instagram the other day about WHY I love fall so much!  There is something so special about the Pacific Northwest and the changing colors of the leaves this time of year.  Since moving to South Bend, Washington I really miss Eastern Washington... especially when I'm there in October!  The Davis family and I met up at Enchantment Park in Leavenworth and it was perfect.  The sun had just begun to set and everyone was happy and ready for pictures!  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!  They are seriously the cutest!


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