Riley Mae's Third Birthday Party


Riley's third birthday party was just so fun to design and execute in my downtown studio!  Since getting a bathroom in my space, it has been SO much easier to host gatherings in my space.  When I host at my home I am constantly in the kitchen fussing over all my guests in our little space.  I also have to clean every single room because people wander around and I feel it only appropriate to have all rooms looking good!  When I host gatherings in my studio, everything is basically done and I get to enjoy the party.  I also love how it's one big open space because it forces everyone to actually engage and hang out!  When people come to our house it seems like the guys always disappear to the backyard to tend to the BBQ but at the studio, we were all together and it was wonderful.

I wanted to do something special because I didn't do much for her first two birthday parties.

When Riley turned one we had her party out at my in-laws house because we were living out there at the time.  I didn't really decorate much and kept things super simple.  For her second birthday we had her party in our home and it was so much fun but I kept that simple, too!  So now that I'm paying rent on this beautiful space I've transformed, I wanted to host her party in there as well as set it up for some beautiful photographs to document the day.  I wanted it to be rustic but with a feminine touch.  I also knew that I wanted Nancy to do fresh flowers because there is honestly nothing better (in my opinion) than fresh flowers.  I could have made fake ones work but am so happy that I hired Nancy for this piece of the design!  I mapped out what I was after and she took it and turned it into something that was beyond perfect.  The grey and blush roses tied in with all the greenery really brought the space to life and I'm so grateful to my friend and florist who always over delivers!  

I made homemade mac and cheese, piggies in a blanket, mini PG&J sandwiches and bruschetta for food and it was so good!  For the piggies in a blanket I added a tiny little square of sharp cheddar cheese and my goodness... those are ALWAYS a fan favorite and went quickly!  My homemade mac is also one of mine (and Riley's) favorite dishes!  She also loves PB&J's so I wanted to make sure I prepared food that both the adults and the kids would enjoy.  I also made a fun grapefruit drink that I didn't really like that much but it was pretty to photograph lol and I had shirley temple fixings for the kids.

The party itself was so much fun!  Riley was happy all day and very excited to open presents.  She was hysterical saying thank you during this part of the party!  I could not stop laughing.  I also enjoyed chatting with friends and watching the kids run wild.

We then sang happy birthday to Riley and that part was funny, too!  I put her on my stage and everyone was staring at her singing happy birthday.  She covered her mouth and started hysterically laughing and crying at the same time!  It was SO CUTE.  I felt bad for her because I could tell she was totally overwhelmed but also happy at the same time.  Once the song was over she was totally fine but I'll never forget her little face during the singing!  She is such a sweetheart.  We feel so lucky and blessed to be her parents.  I cannot believe she's 3!  

Happy Birthday, Riley Mae Rose.  I know you won't really remember your party but your Mom and Dad had so much fun putting it together and celebrating with our family and friends!  We love you so much.

Party Details:

Venue and Design:  Emma Rose Company

Florals:  Rhodesia Flower

Cake:  Amy Nelson

Riley sign:  48 Hour Monogram

Riley's dress:  Zulily 

Chalkboard signs:  Cary Enslow

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