Katie + Matt | Engaged


Since the end of wedding season (this past late fall for me!), I have not been taking many pictures.  I've had some styled shoots, personal work, and studio sessions but it's been SLOW!  When I say slow, I mean intentionally slow by choice.  I needed a little break from photography and so happy I listened to that little voice in my head.  Just this past weekend I met up with one of my 2018 couples, Katie and Matt for their engagement session.  I felt alive behind my camera again and that "spark" I love so much.  It was during this session I knew that I'd made the right call through November, December and January to take it easy.  

Katie and Matt met me in Olympia, Washington for their engagement session!

It was perfect!  Pretty cloudy skies, but no rain!  I LOVE cloudy days for photography and their engagement session at Pioneer Park was no exception.  This is hands down one of my favorite spots to take pictures and I love it because it changes all year round with colors.  We are still in winter so the neutral tones and abundant with pops of green... just what I love!  I've been out here when the entire park is green which is so gorgeous, but gives it a completely different look and vibe.  

Katie and Matt actually live in San Antonio, Texas but were here for the weekend for wedding "things" like their engagement session with me, meeting with their event planner, cake tastings and more!  They had a very busy but productive weekend!  They agreed to meet me half way in Olympia and I'm so glad because it couldn't have been better.  Katie has roots in Washington and really wanted to get married up north.  I assumed they would be living up here but after chatting with them, they are only coming up for the wedding but plan on staying in Texas.  I love it!  I think it's awesome and I'm so grateful that they have chosen me as their wedding photographer.  I just adore these two, their clear love for each other and how easy and fun they were in front of my camera.  August cannot come soon enough!

I hope you love this "sneak peek" :). 

I cannot wait to finish editing the final gallery! 

See you in a few months Katie and Matt!  Thank you for making my "job" so much fun!

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