Hannah + Saum | Engaged


So basically I'm in love with absolutely everything about this photo session.  I honestly can't even really begin to describe not only how much I connected to these two, but how incredible and fun they were to photograph!  I had to ask them so many times if they've ever done this before because they were simply flawless in front of my camera.  And their adorable dog, Ralph was pretty spectacular, too!  I seriously loved this dog.  He was so easy and fun to involve in the session!  He basically ran around and played with his ball 99% of the time but we did sneak him in for a few winners!

I'm in love with shooting at the ocean and long beach was no exception!

I showed up at our scheduled time as they were in town with family but I looked at the sun and texted them to hang out just a bit longer before meeting me because it was still pretty bright.  The beach was still pretty blown out so I drove around town trying to find something that was a bit more shaded.  A random little side street caught my eye and I'm so glad I turned the truck around because it was PERFECT!  Grass, trees, but still very much the beach vibe.  There were even some deer in there when I was scoping it out!  So I quickly called Hannah and Saum and told them I was ready for them!  I picked them up where they were having dinner and took them to location one!  The light, their soft wardrobe selection... it was magic.  I try to not be bossy with my clients about wardrobe BUT I do my best to educate my couples on what photographs best to match my style and aesthetic.   SOFT COLORS.  And Hannah listened!  Her soft peach top gave this session the perfect touch.

Your photos are an investment, they should be treated as such.

I encourage my couples to not be afraid to dress up from their norm.  While it might feel silly or slightly uncomfortable at first, it makes all the difference with the end product.  While all my wedding collections include an engagement session, it's still very special!  It's part of the experience with me and I truly believe in the power of engagement session for a few different reasons.  One, it allows my couples to see how I work and what to expect come their wedding day.  Two, by the wedding day we've already worked together and they are comfortable with me!  Three, the engagement session lets them see my style beforehand and if there is something they didn't like (a certain pose), we can avoid it all together on the big day!  Engagement sessions are so special to me as a photographer and I cherish this time with my couples before the wedding!

Hannah and Saum are SO in love, I could just feel the connection between them and that is a powerful thing.  Hannah has known my Husband and his family her entire life.  Having the opportunity to play this small role in their love story is truly an honor.  I'm grateful that these two chose me to document on the most important days of their lives as they venture into marriage.  I'm counting down the days to their big day that is right around the corner!  Anyway, I hope you love these images as much as I do!

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