Kaysee + Patrick


This past summer I had the honor of second shooting with my friend Nicole Conner with Nicole Conner Photography.  When she asked me for this opportunity of course I said YES!  Kaysee and Patrick's intimate backyard blush wedding was one for the books.  It was small, romantic, and as beautiful as it looks.  They were married at her parent's house overlooking the valWenatchee Valley.  The blush you will see throughout the images was simply perfection.  Kaysee wore a blush Catherine Deane BHLDN gown.  The gorgeous florals you see were designed by Full Bloom Flowers and Plants.  

This was my first wedding and it could have NOT have been better!

I was and still am so grateful to have had this opportunity to shoot alongside miss Nicole.  She's been instrumental in showing me the ropes and guiding me since I reached out to her nearly two years ago to pick her brain about photography.  I am so grateful that I put myself out there back then when I was still so new and eager to dive in feet first to photography.  I've been asked so many times, "How did you get started and when did you know you were ready to shoot a wedding for the first time?"  Honestly, as a recent bride myself, I took saying yes to this wedding very seriously, even if I was the second shooter.  Why?  Because documenting a wedding day is more than showing up to take pictures.  It is a lot of pressure (in a good way).  It is up to you as the photographer to ensure these memories are not only documented, but documented well.  I spent many months (almost a year) before I even considered shooting a wedding.  Why?  I was not comfortable diving into something that I was still so new at, even if I had a nice camera.  I needed to give myself the proper time to learn as much as I possibly could and hone in my style before sharing my services with the world.  When I showed up to shoot with Nicole for this first wedding, I was ready.  Sure, I was nervous!  Who wouldn't be?  But I was ready.  I trusted in myself and what I'd learned up at that point to know that I would do it justice and I would help get Nicole anything she needed from me!

This was nearly one year ago and wedding season is about to kick in full gear for me in June.  I'm grateful for the experiences up to this point on my journey as a photographer and these images will forever be sacred to me because I learned a lot about myself this day.  I learned that I was ready for this and that I wasn't afraid to push full steam ahead to make myself a Professional Wedding Photographer.

I hope you love these pictures as much as I do!  Again, thank you Nicole for trusting in me to help you document Kaysee and Patrick's gorgeous wedding.  They were truly a dream and I know they are going to live a lifetime of love and happiness together.

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