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It was nearly one year ago that my Husband and I went out for a date night when I approached him about the idea of me getting started in the "workshop world" of photography and moving toward education as business was really taking off for me.  Here's something really cool about my guy, he always supports me.  He always encourages me to go for it, which I admire.  I honestly can't even think of a time when he turned me down for one of my wild ideas!  I feel pretty lucky that he's always been my biggest fan and allowed me to take different avenues in order to find the things that really bring me true joy and happiness.  

So I started planning how all of this workshop business would actually work...

It was clear from the get go that there was a lot of work to do.  I launched dates for my big July workshop in my town of South Bend, WA and the seats quickly filled up which was incredible!  I felt so pumped and inspired, but also terrified at the same time.  In any moments of doubt I've had/have along the way, I remind myself that I really have made some big waves very quickly and people were responding to that.  People trust me.  People want to learn from me.  Instead of letting the self doubt consume me entirely, I pushed myself every day to tell myself that "Emma, you got this.  You are ready for this and more than prepared."

As the planning began I realized there was a lot of work to be done for not only the education piece, but the styled shoot.  Right away I knew that I needed help.  I quickly turned to Facebook (The Rising Tide Society) to ask for that help and see what happened.  I was given several recommendations and then one name really popped out at me.  Bixby + Pine.  I clicked on their site and immediately said out loud, "I found them!"  I emailed them immediately and got a response right away.  We FaceTimed to get to know each other better and said YES to working together!  This is when the fun really began!  For the first time I was really able to let go of something with my business, and that felt good.  

I've discovered on this journey that finding your tribe and people you trust is crucial.

I've had some disappointing situations with hiring out which sucks, but it happens.  When I hired Bixby + Pine I knew that I was in good hands and hiring them would allow me to focus on the portion that I really needed to give all my attention to,  which is the education portion of hosting a workshop.  I love teaching and I love helping other photographers grow.  By hiring out for the styled shoots with my workshop, I'm better able to develop content that is valuable and organized.  

Then I decided to add in a one day workshop in Seabrook because emails were rolling in about other events.

With all the emails I was getting, it became SO clear to me that a huge part of my audience wanted to learn from me, but anything over 1 day was just out of the question.  I get it.  I'm a mom.  Leaving the little ones is so hard, especially when we are the ones who handle all the day to day duties that come with the title of "mom"!  It was my goal with this to create an experience that was A. affordable and B. doable!  

Everyone arrived to beautiful Seabrook, Washington and my heart was exploding!

The word nervous does not come to my mind when I think of how I felt yesterday at my first workshop.  I felt ready.  More than anything, my main goal was that my attendees left feeling inspired.  Inspiration is the key ingredient that has kept me going.  Where I find my inspiration varies but almost always falls back on my little girl, Riley.  She's the reason I picked up a camera in the first place and when I'm questioning anything, I bring it back to her.

The day flew by so quickly!  I was proud of my presentations and learned a lot about things that I thought went well and things that I can work on!  I haven't "taught" anything before in this type of setting and I know that skill will only strengthen with each time I am able to put myself out there and say yes to new challenges and adventures.

The education piece of the workshop went so smoothly!  The group was incredible and so easy to work and talk to!  Lora Grady with Lora Grady Photography offered to help me out with this workshop by second shooting for me AND giving a presentation herself!  She was amazing.  It was clear listening to Lora speak that she used to be a teacher.  She's amazing.  In the short time that she spoke in front of the group she MOVED me, and the others!  If you don't follow along with her, please do!  Thank you Lora for all your help with my Dream Chasers Workshop in Seabrook!

Then there was the gorgeous styled shoot...

Throughout all the pictures below you are going to see a mix of images I shot, and Lora shot for me!  I learned early on that having a second shooter (even for a workshop!) is crucial.  It's impossible to capture all the moments of the day when you're teaching.  Using a second allows me to do what I can do, but trust that some of the other details are being captured.  She did that and so much more for me!

From the flowers, the models, and the sand in our toes, the shoot was a huge success!  Thank you, Bixby + Pine for putting it all together for me!  There is a full list of vendors included at the bottom of this post!  Enjoy the images, friends!  I hope to see you at one of my upcoming workshops!  There are ACTUALLY a few spots that opened up for my workshop here in July on our ranch and there are still plenty of spots open for my women's retreat/photography workshop in Palm Desert, California!  All of my workshop information can be found right here.  

Enjoy the images and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

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