Natalie + Connor | Engaged

I find myself here on the blog once again talking about my not-so-little-brother and his now WIFE!  You may have already seen this post in the past on my old blog and since then a lot has changed, including how I edit!  These are the same photos, same memories, just re edited to better fit my brand.  You will be seeing a bit of this in the upcoming weeks and months as I slowly make my way through past work!  

What better place than the University of Washington Campus for their engagement session!

With every session I have in Seattle, I fall more in love with the city.  The University of Washington campus is no stranger to me over the years.  My Dad played basketball for the Huskies and went to Medical School here and it's also where my parents met.  My sister rowed here, and my brother had an incredible journey here as well.  To learn more about that, click right here.  You won't be sorry for checking out his story and everything he and our family went through together just a few years ago.  

The weather around this time had me in a bit of a creative funk lately but all that changed when the forecast called for SUN and decently warm weather for this time of year in the Pacific Northwest!  

I drove up to the city from our town in South Bend, Washington to meet Natalie and Connor at the campus.  I'll backtrack a little bit...I actually stopped by QFC to put together a simple yet beautiful bouquet for the session!  I truly believe that adding flowers to any shoot makes it that much more special and I'm kind of obsessed with greenery if you can't tell from my logo and overall brand.  It was also exciting because this was my first time meeting their brand new Vizsla puppy, miss Luna... who is now a LOT bigger!  You will find out soon enough that Luna totally stole the show.  They had just picked her up from the breeders the day before.  Poor thing was a little nervous as it was her first outing but they brought extra hands to cuddle her in between photos.  She is DARLING.  My brother and Natalie have proven to be excellent dog parents! 

Working with couples has quickly become my passion as a photographer.

Don't get me wrong, I love the other portrait work I do as well (families and seniors) but there is something that makes me feel so alive when working with my couples.  I read something awhile back from Justin and Mary about how they hope when you look at their photographs, you see two people in the frame, not three.  Sure, the photographer is obviously there but if done right and done well, when you look at a specific image you should feel the connection between the two people and not an awkward pose prompted by the photographer.  This is a simple concept but one that I've been working extremely hard to strive toward with every session that I have.  I don't want my clients to look at one of their pictures and say, "Oh, that was that super weird thing she made us do."  No, I want them to look at their images and remember how they felt in that moment with one another and the love they felt for one another.  I believe that I achieved that with this session and hope you feel the same when scrolling through the images below.  As always, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!  Thanks for being here!  I have 3 open spots for 2019 weddings now which is amazing but also crazy!  I've limited what I take on each year now to give my couples and even better experience with me.  Contact me here today to get in touch!

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