Kendra + Michael | Engaged

Okay, I swear I TRIED to cull this one down for a smaller peek on the blog but it was just impossible.  THESE TWO.   I'm just in love with their love, and everything about our time together last weekend on Rose Ranch for their perfect engagement session.

When I first moved to South Bend, I was not booking much over here on the west side because if you've ever heard of "SEO", it's basically how people find you online and my SEO for WESTERN Washington was not strong yet and I had not built up much over here in my neck of the woods in terms of clientele (for weddings).  Suddenly this past year I've been receiving PRIMARILY western Washington inquiries which is just amazing.  I'm even booking around the Portland area for 2019 couples and I'm so happy.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Eastern Washington and my hometown area but trekking over there is a lot from where we live now!

Kendra and Michael are one of my first "local" couples this year, getting married in early September!  I cannot wait for their upcoming wedding and absolutely loved meeting them at their engagement session for the first time on our ranch.

Engagement sessions are so important and really help couples connect with their photographer before the big day!  Instead of showing up as a stranger, I get to show up on the wedding day with a strong connection and level of comfort with my couples, and that's just AWESOME!  I like to call myself the third wheel buddy because that's basically what I am!  Enjoy this peek into their gorgeous engagement session on our ranch this past weekend.  It was cold and windy but they were absolute troopers!  This is basically my new favorite place to take pictures because there's SO much to work with and the best part is it's totally private!  

See you very soon, Kendra and Michael!  I can't wait to send you your full gallery... I'm in love!