Easter 2018


As a photographer and business owner in general, I want any opportunity for updated pictures with my family.  This urge becomes even more so evident when the sun is shining in our neck of the woods!  I also have a favorite spot on our ranch where I like to take pictures.

On Saturday, we had plans for dinner at Great Grandma and Grandpa's house (they live next to my Husband's parents).  It was a beautiful day!  Shaun was running behind (literally - went on a run and got a little sidetracked on his route) so Riley and I headed out to the ranch a little before him because I have this weird thing that I cannot handle being late.  Turns out we were there before anyone else and it was that way for about an hour, lol!  Oh well, at least I knew I was on time!  My Husband said, "Don't you know my family by now?  They are always late."  Haha, he's right and next time I'll know that it's probably okay if we aren't perfectly on time - but no promises.  

When we got the ranch and I saw just how gorgeous it was, I texted Shaun and told him to wear a nice shirt.  I told him either blue or green would go great with what Riley and I were wearing.  We hung out with everyone for awhile and the ham still had a little time so I asked my brother in law's girlfriend Makenzie if she'd be willing to attempt a few pictures on my camera for me and she was up for the task!  

I quickly showed her how to back button focus and where to focus the little square so that we would be in focus.  She was amazing!  I'm seriously SO happy with these images.  It's fun when you HOPE to at least get one keeper - but then to have about 90 images you love... well, that's just THE BEST!  I took the ones of Riley by herself and of Shaun and Riley but Makenzie snapped all the shots that have me in the picture!  I'm seriously so impressed.  She can come assist me anytime!  

So basically I love our impromptu family pictures and will treasure these forever!

Having pictures down by our main barn also gets me SO fired up for my upcoming photography workshop in July.  I cannot wait for all the magic to unfold!  There's just something so special about Rose Ranch.  I feel so lucky to be part of this legacy and help carry it on for generations to come.  Ranch life is hard and I'm still navigating the unfamiliar waters of it all but I love it.  

And I know a bunch of you are going to want to know where I got the dress - OLD NAVY!  I got a small and it was true to size!

If you've been following my journey for awhile, you know that I've embarked on what I call #myfighttofeelbetter.  This all started back in late November when I had a wake up call surrounding my health and wellness. See more of my health and wellness journey here and here.

I'm sharing that because these pictures are so much more than some cute pictures of my family... 

These pictures symbolize something much more profound for me which is confidence.  It has been over seven years since I felt confident in a dress.  It has been a solid five years of wearing compression undergarments to "suck it in".  All of that has changed.  Today I feel like myself again.  Today I feel like the person I've always wanted to be both physically and emotionally.  I finally have a handle on my life and what I want out of this life.  It has been a ride full of ups and downs and I know there will be many more mountains to climb and valleys to fall into but I now know and believe that I have control over my body and how I treat myself.  I'm on a journey to love myself better and stronger than ever before - embracing all the imperfect along the way.  These images show someone who has been on the fight of her life to be stronger, happier, and more fulfilled from the life around her.  I have hid for so long only showing the parts of me I wanted the world to see.  It's been the most freeing and beautiful experience finally feeling like I can just be.  I didn't realize how unhappy I truly was until I got my act together.  Today as I write this I have lost 37 pounds.  I know that it's so much more than a number but 37 pounds off this body of mine feels pretty dang good.  I know where I need to be to be the healthiest I can be to maintain a lifestyle I've always dreamed about.  It hasn't been easy, but it also hasn't been as hard as I imagined it to be.  I've had to learn how to trust my body and ultimately trust the timing of my life because this is my time.  For whatever reasons I wasn't truly ready before now to make a change and to see that change stick around.  Now I am, and it feels incredible.

So thank you for being here and following along with me for all the ups and downs along the way.  I've always been an open book and my heart is so grateful to have built this community into a space where I can really be myself and share my life so vulnerably.  

Don’t be afraid to reach out to me for help and guidance because sometimes that is the hardest first step.  My battles with my weight before were always so intimate and private... I didn't even want to share with my Husband.  However, when I finally let my guard down and accepted his love and support - the results came with it.  I want to help you, too!  We are in this fight together. 

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