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Emma revamped my website in a matter of days and I could not be more impressed! She is professional, prompt, organized and personable! During the design process, she took the time to get to know me well enough to curate a design that fit my aesthetics and vibe. It was spot on! I cannot wait to launch my website and share what she has been working so hard on. Not only do I have a new website to provide my clients with a better experience from the very beginning, but I’ve gained a friend as well. Thank you Emma for being such a joy to work with.
— Corrie |
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Project keywords: raw, adventurous, intimate, motion, simplistic, joyful


Corrie was looking for a website refresh.  She wanted to maintain simple but add the "wow".  We did that and so much more with her project and I couldn't be more excited to share it with the world!  I've known Corrie via Internet land for quite some time and adore her work and her as a person.  I was beyond thrilled to help her with this project and to have the opportunity to grow our relationship through the process!  Corrie is so easy going, hilarious, and I can just see through her work how much fun she is to be around.  Her clients look genuinely happy in every single photograph and the feelings I get when looking at the connections she captures is something you don't always find with photographers!  Corrie, you're going to do BIG things!

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Corrie Butler | ERC Project Showcase | Brand Board | Squarespace Website Designer For Photographers

Where and/or how did your passion for what you do begin?
As soon as I learned that I was expecting, I knew I wanted a nice camera to document my growing family through the years. I started posting images I had taken of my kids, others asked me to take family photos for them. It turned from hobby to passion and now career! I am 100% self-taught and learn daily!

What is the BEST lesson you've learned since starting your own business?
It’s okay to say no.

What do you wish someone would have told you when starting out?
Don’t feel like because you’re new to the industry you have to price yourself super low! Value yourself, skills and time!

When did you realize it was time for a rebrand and/or new website?
When I had enough money saved up to invest in someone else doing the work I wasn't able to do and didn’t have time to learn.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about hiring a designer to help them with their website?
Hire out what you know you NEED but can’t take on yourself! Best decision was to invest in me - meaning letting other professionals do what they KNEW how to do and did well! Hiring Emma was a no-brainer for me!

If there's anything else you'd like to add, please do so here:
I wanted to provide my clients with the BEST experience from first glance and inquiry. As a photographer, I know that a website and the way it looks aesthetically is super important! I love my website and so do my clients!

I wanted the root of my site to stay the same but wanted to enhance the user experience with updated graphics you’ll find on my blog and mixing in my brand elements like the grey leaf and watercolor splash. I wanted these touches to be simple yet captivating. As my business has evolved I’ve found that website design is a part of my business I’m eager and ready to showcase. I’m still a busy photographer, but slowing things down a bit on that side of it all! It’s been the perfect balance and I’m grateful to have found my passions in this life and the ability to merge them so well.
— Corrie
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Corrie Butler| ERC Project Showcase | Website highlight showcase for Pinterest | Squarespace Website Designer For Photographers

I F Y O U E N J O Y E D T H I S P O S T , Y O U M I G H T A L S O L I K E :

A note from the designer

Emma Rose Company is a Squarespace website designer and photographer who primarily works with photographers to help them reach their business goals through thoughtful design..png

I am a self-made, self-taught photographer, web designer and educator who’s learned most of the lessons I teach the absolute hardest way. I fell in love with photography (and, really my own creativity) after my own wedding when I borrowed my father’s camera just to play around with it — turns out when you do something you love, you want to do it all.the.time.

I learned along the way what burnout looks and feels like and made it my mission to help other creative entrepreneurs avoid it all together. Instead of quitting on my dreams, I decided to turn my life around and all of that started with me. I started running and working out, lost 50+ pounds on a health and wellness journey and finally found my happiness along the way.

Using the same accountability I did in my personal journey, I began to put systems in place (and a team of people who support me) to finally run a business I love and show up well for my family, friends and clients.

Now, in all facets of my business I get to help lead others to do the same.