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Hey, I’m Emma!

Just three years into running my own creative business, I was ready to quit.

I can recall the days of manila folders scattered about my office with printed questionnaires, contracts, and project details. I was unorganized, frustrated, and knew it was time to make the changes needed to better manage my life and business.

So I got organized… for the first time ever, and it quite literally changed my life - for the better.

Enter… HoneyBook.


What you can do with HoneyBook

I use HoneyBook to send contracts, invoices, custom payment schedules, project proposals, brochures, emails, timelines, questionnaires and more. I’ve been with HoneyBook since the beginning of my creative journey and can’t image running my business without it!


Why I Chose HoneyBook Over Other CRMs

Reason #1

Keeping my clients in one neatly organized space is incredibly important to me! There’s nothing better than seeing your projects from a birds eye view and to know which project stage you’re in at all times. Being organized is one of the best gifts we can give to our clients, ensuring that nothing is missed!

Reason #2

Long gone are the days of paper contracts, checks, and all those other things that are so difficult to keep track of! With HoneyBook I can keep track of all payments and necessary signatures to kick off my projects! I have only gone to the bank for business needs once, and that was when I opened my account.

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Reason #3

Workflows are my LIFE! It’s one thing to simply sign up for HoneyBook but another to actually utilize the tools they’ve created! I used to believe that I had to send every email from scratch but long gone are those days with HoneyBook and the ability to save all your templates in one organized space!

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I want to help you get started!

When you sign up for a free trial with HoneyBook here, you’ll also get a free copy of the exact templates I use when an inquiry hits my inbox!

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 The truth is that running a business is hard.

You don’t have to do everything on your own. You may think you have amazing systems in place (trust me - I thought I did, too), but chances are, you don’t. It wasn’t until I fully utilized the tools in HoneyBook within my own business that I truly started streamlining and getting my life back.

I want that for you my friend because it’s totally possible. yes, yes, it is.

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