How to Live More Intentionally with Rachel Green


Episode #04 | How to grow your business without adding to your office hours with Rachel Green.

Today Emma is sitting down with the creator of The Intentional Business Program, Rachel Green. A business strategy, website design and branding expert, she inspires and coaches woman all over to help them find clarity and focus, growing their business without it taking over their lives. Rachel is a true champion of woman and believes in intentional living in both our businesses and personal lives.

Intentional Living.

We hear this ALL. THE. TIME. If you’re anything like me, you’re still trying to figure out what the heck this even means which is why I’m so excited for you to tune into my conversation with today’s guest.

Because y’all - this girl gets it!

Rachel Green is an entrepreneur, designer, writer, and farmers wife (holla!). She is the queen of helping others learn to live intentionally in their lives and businesses and she has so graciously offered to share her real life applicable advice WITH US!

But first, a little backstory.

Let’s go back. WAAAY back (We are talking pre-designer, pre-photographer, itty-bitty business baby Emma) to where it all started...

With Etsy.

Yes, before I knew anything about web design branding - or the incredible role those things would someday have on my own entrepreneurial journey - I ran a little Etsy shop. I sold everything from coffee filter flower garlands to hand-decorated onesies. Fast forward a few months and I eventually figured out that in order to be “official,” I was going to need a website!

I searched high and low for a designer and found so many talented people online. Then I clicked this website called intentionally designed. I was intrigued and immediately felt a connection to the woman behind the business: Rachel Green. She helped me with my first ever, “Big Girl” website and it sparked something new within me.

(Enter: my new obsession where I was determined to learn EVERYTHING I could about Squarespace and website design.)

Rachel Greene has been an inspiration to me since the very beginning of my own journey, and I know I'm not the one who feels that way about her. She has inspired countless others through her brilliant business strategy and designs, helping businesses go from scattered and inconsistent to intentional and sustainable.

Rachel’s Story

“I live in Kentucky in a small town. I'm married to a cattle farmer. We have two kids… so I'm a stay-at-home mom first to them.”

(Small town. Cattle-farming. Stay-At-Home Momming. Sound familiar, anyone?)

You’ve heard me talk about ranch life: it’s 24-7, three-hundred-and-sixty-freaking-five days a year. Besides working with Cattle, Rachel’s husband has a FULL-TIME JOB. Needless to say, this family is busy.

“It has been tough. I just have to try to find time (get up early before my kids get up) to work and sometimes I'll have to work late after they go to bed, to get it done.”

And on top of all that, they have just wrapped up building a house! She talked about how they survived that season, and I feel like every mom can relate to what she said:

“I feel bad asking people to help watch our kids... I hate asking for help but I've gotten lot better about it over years. [The build] was stressful and it felt like it forever.”

But they persevered and now that it is done, she feels a weight off her shoulders; like she is ready to tackle the next season, come what may!

Rachel’s Business Journey

Rachel started her business in 2012 and she admits that its beginnings looked a whole lot different that what her business is today. What started as a stationary company, slowly morphed into something that looked more like her real passion: helping other business women. Through her strategy based-business branding, website design, and her recent launch of “The Intentional Business Program,” Rachel is helping women from all over find clarity in their business. Her desire is to help women hone in on their business strategy and execution with the intention of helping them grow their business without having that business take over their lives.

When asked to talk about this shift in her business from stationary to strategy, Rachel said:

“I think it happened when I really realized it for myself. I realized that it was so essential to my own life and business and I knew that others needed it too… I was already helping women grow their businesses through these was just kind of a natural way to approach it...I went through my own personal journey to get there and I kind wanted to help encourage other as well.”

Rachel is a true champion of women, and I love her dedication to helping others succeed, but her definition of success may be different than what you’ve been picturing.

Creating your own definition of Success

We are constantly bombarded by the message that money equals success; that it’s all about chasing after magic number of followers and bookings (and don’t forget that six figure income)!

I LOVE Rachel’s response to this way of thinking:

“I've never really gone down that road...It is so easy get caught up in that...I knew I was always going to be a stay-at-home mom FIRST...I don't want it to make it sound like I didn't care about my business or didn't care about my clients, but it was always second…I knew I didn't have the time to spend hustling all the time for my business. So I was always okay with just making less money and doing those the best that could with it. Things started off really slow for me in this business and I never really expected to make that much money from it, but I kept working hard and growing it at my own pace and I've actually been really surprised at how far it's come over past few years. It’s really important for each of us to have our own definition of success because everyone's life and business is different. Everyone is in different season and you can't really compare yourself anyone else because their situation is completely different. Their circumstances are completely different...I'm just really passionate about pointing others to that same perspective... away from following the crowd just because they they should and just because that's what everyone else is doing. I really think that we find so much freedom from that.”

Ugh. I feel this in my SOUL…

So. Much. Yes.

Rachel knows it’s a journey. She admits to sometimes having compared herself to others, and even feeling bad about her own journey at times, thinking others just had it figured out.

“You just have to kind of snap yourself out of it and realize what is in front of you...and where you’re at now. You know how far you’ve come….”

Intentional Living

  • How does Rachel define intentional living?

“The word “Intentional” has definitely become a buzzword in can easily get watered down….but when we stop to think about it, it can really be a powerful word. For me - being intentional means to do something with purpose.”

  • How do we do it?

“...It can be applied to anything in life or business. When I really started applying this to my own life... I felt like there was just this big weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt so much more freedom in knowing that I was really focusing on the things that make sense for ME and things that have purpose for MY life. [One] of the ways that I've done that is just by saying no to a lot of things.”

Rachel speaks on the importance of letting go of guilt and replacing it with grace. It’s the age old story:

“It’s easy to feel guilty that you’re not doing something, even though it may not be the right thing for you.”

(This is only the most relatable statement in the history of EVER).

Rachel has become more realistic about her schedule (and the limited time life leaves for her work). She avoids overbooking - a habit so many of us have - setting firm boundaries and standards for her life and business and how she will spend her time, including which opportunities (ahem. distractions) she will invest time in.

“Get rid of all the distractions that are around you... everything that's kind of pulling you in different directions...Really clarify what you want from your life. In business, you kind of have to put blinders on, forget everyone else, and think about what you need.”

Intentional Rest

Time for my all time favorite question: How does Rachel Green unwind for the day?

“It’s a lot of Netflix right now.” Um…Did you catch that?

Rachel Green - QUEEN of intentional living - watches Netflix.

For some reason this brings me great hope - that there really is such a thing as balance.

Intentional Investment

When asked to name one of her most worthwhile investments in her business, Rachel touched on something so near and dear to my heart.

“I think you're going to like this answer, (SHE’S RIGHT. I totally loved it) but I I would have to say: photography. For the longest time, I put that off in investing in good quality pictures of me. Once I did it, it totally changed things...having good quality images to use on my website and social media…I think that was a good investment.”


I cannot express enough the importance of strong imagery. Whether you trade services or hire someone, it is so worth the time, effort and financial investment to have images that are totally in line with your brand. My assistant and her hubby live on the road and they were down here for about three months. While she was here she would just randomly say “Emma bring your camera.” We'd go shopping at Target or go to the grocery store and she'd snap a few photos. I want to do this more often and I think as online business owners, you can never have enough of that content.

The Intentional Business Program

I absolutely love Rachel’s story, and the heart she has for championing other women in business. So you can bet I was excited to hear she was launching a new program. I couldn’t wait to have her tell us all about it!

You ready? Rachel is taking the one-on-one business coaching she already offers to women and offering it in a group environment!

“It really focuses on building your business around YOUR life and that you can actually work less and live more while growing your business. There are so many people that talk about the concept of “work less, live more” but I don't think that very many people actually believe that it's possible to do that...or take the time to make it possible....This is not another online course... you’re not going to just learn a bunch of new information...We're going to sit down together... look at different Topics in different areas of your business...focus on what you know and make sense of it. [We will] figure out a plan that's for YOUR life and YOUR business and how actually execute that so you can grow your business with a strategy….”

Her program lasts 8 weeks, with a different topic each week and live Q&A every Friday to work through it TOGETHER. She plans on running her program once in the spring and again in the fall so be sure to follow along with her for updates!

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