"My name is Whitney Krenek, the lady behind the camera.  I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I aim to capture key moments in peoples lives and create a story for them to relive for years to come. Capturing raw emotion is my goal. Everyone has a story to tell and I am passionate about sharing those stories through my photography.  I am located in Dallas, Texas. I am the mother of two beautiful girls who have sparked my life long passion of photography!  Growing up I was always getting my picture taken and taking pictures of others. From a young age I learned how an image can hold tremendous sentimental value.  I feel that when you capture a moment on film, you are able to hold onto those moments for a lifetime. Now as a photographer, I hope to give my clients images they will treasure for the rest of time. I would love to meet you and be the photographer to tell your story."

Whitney is a client I've worked with several times over the years!  I designed her first website which was just beautiful and spoke to her at the time but as she really started establishing a new look and brand, she came back for an "update"!  This is one of my favorite parts of what I do.  While I hope my clients don't have to change EVERYTHING, as artists we are ever evolving and sometimes that means it is time for an update with our branding!  Whitney has been my most loyal client and I've loved watching her grow and build her business!