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You are more than capable of reaching those new heights you dream of in your business.

You might just need a friend to climb with.

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I dreamt up big, exciting ideas, and worked tirelessly trying to make them into reality, all while investing thousands of dollars into workshops, trainings and online education, only to come within moments of quitting after just three years in business.

When everything was threatening to come crashing down around me, I realized I was in my own way.


As business owners, we have to be careful of the moments when we wrestle in the tension between “There’s something wrong” and “There’s something wrong with me.” You, my friend, are smart, creative and fully capable of totally nailing this running-your-own-business thing. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a sounding board, a coach, a cheerleader and a friend through the process to help you clear the clutter, call out the well-worn habits that might need some changing, and find the path to real, sustainable success. 

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I’m a self-made, self taught photographer, web designer and business owner who learned every lesson I needed the absolute hardest way. Now, I get to walk hand-in-hand with my mentoring clients to ensure they don’t have to ride the struggle bus I did, but they still get where they’re going with all their marbles and hair on their head.

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Systems & Operations

There’s no way my business would be in the place it is today without the systems I put in place to give myself structure in my day-to-day operations. I’ll teach you what I do, and coach you through making the best choices for your business. Plus, I’ll help you get your systems up and running so your business can basically run itself. (JK, don’t be silly, no business runs itself, but these systems sure can take some of the burden off your shoulders.)

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Consistency & Marketing

We’ll take a look at your work, social media, website, blog, etc to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward in drawing in your ideal customer. Consistency is key for photographers, so I’ll teach you the tricks I use to ensure my photos are always up to my standard of excellence. We’ll also evaluate the systems you’re using in your editing, culling and delivery of your work to take the overwhelm out of the process.

Self-Care & Mindset

This is my favorite part of mentoring. (Yes, I play favorites.) Sometimes the biggest roadblock in your business lives inside your mind. We’ll talk about mindset shifts, self care, setting up a team when you feel like you can’t give anything away or afford to pay anyone else (Sound familiar?) Plus, we’ll talk about ways to set up your business so it supports your ideal life, your family and community, as well as how to establish healthy boundaries with your competition.

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The Options

I offer two options for mentoring that can be tailored to suit you and your business’s needs. Specific details for each package are provided in reply to your inquiry, but here are the basics:


01. // happy hour calls:

These 90-minute, single-shot video calls dive deep on one topic or area of your work or business where you are feeling stuck, want to implement new ideas or strategies, or need extra clarity. Calls are tailored to your needs and can cover topics ranging from mindset to craft to marketing. With the help of a pre-call questionnaire, we'll pinpoint your current frustrations and develop an actionable plan to help you take real steps forward.

02. // in-person dream sessions:

We spend 7 hours together in a beautiful studio covering anything and everything you wish to focus on for your business, plus I’ll shoot brand-new head shots to go with your new vision for your business.  This package includes a fully styled shoot directly inspired by your brand and your perfect client. We’ll work with a few of my favorite vendors to help you build your portfolio with work that directly aligns with your brand.


Your mentoring session investment ranges from $575 to $2,800.

Please note, Emma Rose Co. only takes 4-5 mentoring clients per year. Now booking for 2019. You are responsible for all travel related costs.