"I grew up on the lovely island of St.Thomas with a carefree easy going lifestyle. Plenty of beach days filled with abundant sunshine, ocean breezes and what I consider the simple island life.  My journey with photography has been more than I could have ever imagined.  Telling your story creatively is my passion and goal so that when you view my work you will feel something special.  Growing up here has allowed me to experience a great, but unique childhood. These islands give us a very laid back simple life filled with many beach days and plenty of sunshine.  Photography gives me my passion to create real, and authentic life stories; I absolutely love what I do as I continue to grow as a photographer. I hope when you view my work you’ll cherish the moments and experiences captured."

Working with Kelli was a true treat!  She's one of those people you talk to for the first time and just feel connected to.  She's one of the sweetest clients I've ever had the opportunity to work with!  Kelli's website was all about clean lines and featuring her stunning work she does on the island of St. Thomas (and surrounding).  She is incredibly talented and helping her with her website was a joy!