"I am a fiber artist and illustrator.  I was searching for a heirloom gifts and décor made using old school traditional methods and realized that not everyone offers customizable services.  I started my business when my family and friends started requesting my designs customized to their décor or needs.  

I abandoned art when I was a teen.  I couldn’t find the value and purpose in life for it.  I went on living my life but always felt like something was missing.  After having my 4th child I picked up a brush and watercolor paint and started painting and creating again.  The piece that was missing was a part of me.  Now, I cannot live without painting and creating."

Creating Julia's website was a VERY special treat for me because she was not my usual clientele (photographers!)  Our styles could not be more similar which made designing her FIRST ever website so much fun.  She wanted it as simple as possible, giving her customers an insight to who she is and what she makes.  Currently, Julia sells only on Etsy but it was the goal with this website that it could eventually be set up for her shop when she's ready.  I kept that in mind with this design choosing a template that would best fit her needs as she develops a commerce site in the future.