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Emma Rose Company | Squarespace Website Designer for Photographer and Seattle Wedding and Portrait Photographer

A Little About Me

Hi there, I'm Emma Rose.  I'm a wedding photographer, website designer, and wearer of all hats here at Emma Rose Company!  I reside just south of Seattle, Washington where my family raises black angus cattle on Rose Ranch.  I'm passionate about documenting love stories that are intimate, honest, and raw.  When I'm not out with a camera in my hand you can find me in my cozy home office designing websites for clients or playing with my three year old, Riley.  There's also a chance I'm reading a good book, sneaking in a workout or cooking something yummy in my kitchen! 

I believe in balance & grace.

I'm a city girl turned ranch wife, who is learning every day to appreciate this unfamiliar way of life.  I strive each day to live my life for the things that matter most and enjoy each moment as they come.  I know what it feels like to burnout and be miserable and how hard it is to draw the line between chasing creative passions and day to day living.  Not long ago I was in a bad space of overwhelm and anxiety.  With careful thought I figured out how to love what I do, serve my clients well, and also live my best life.  It is possible to do both well.

I have built something that has allowed me to live the life I always dreamed of living while also fueling my creative passions.  I'm here to help you find your own balance and create a life and business you love.

Whether you're looking for help with your business or in search of a photographer because your best friend just got down on one knee, email me and let's create something amazing.




  • I met my Husband in college at Washington State University, Go Cougs!

  • I am one of five kids in my family.

  • My hands, feet and tip of my nose are almost ALWAYS cold, but I still cannot bare to sleep with socks on. I definitely have circulation problems!

  • I have to have white noise when I sleep, it drives my Husband a little crazy.

  • I grew up in Seattle, Washington but moved to Wenatchee (Eastern WA) in the fourth grade.

  • I let my sister dye my hair in the fourth grade... it's been dyed ever since!

  • Even in 100 degree weather, I prefer to wear pants. Everyone thinks I'm weird but I just love pants.

  • Dry shampoo is my BEST friend.

  • A Walk to Remember is my favorite movie of all time, right up there with Dirty Dancing.

  • I've been on a journey to a healthier life and am proud to say I've lost over 40 pounds and feel TRUE happiness for the first time in a long time!

  • I have what my family calls "awkward hands"... they are seriously so awkward, I'll tell you about it some time!

  • I believe in love and I believe that everyone deserves to be happy.

  • This year I turn 30 and I'm bound and determined to make it my best year yet!

Likes:  taco wagons, apple products, sunsets, fresh flowers, open windows, delicious smelling candles, clean sheets, coffee mugs, french pressed coffee, dry shampoo, Riley's giggles, holding hands, agriculture, the PNW, farmers markets, Target, epsom salt bubble baths, lululemon pants

Dislikes:  traffic, long lines, being on airplanes, when my phone gets below 20%, taxes, unloading the dishwasher, commercials, taxis, being cold

Emma Rose Company | Squarespace Website Designer for Photographer and Seattle Wedding and Portrait Photographer

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