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November was an exciting month, including the website launch of Julia Glukhoy!  With 2018 upon us, I'm making an effort to share more of the OTHER side of my business when I'm not out taking pictures.  I'm a Squarespace Website Designer for Photographers (and other creatives!)  Julia fell under the "other" department as she is not a photographer but a fiber artist and illustrator.  

Julia was searching for a heirloom gifts and décor made using old school traditional methods and realized that not everyone offers customizable services.  She started her business when her family and friends started requesting her designs customized to their décor or needs.  

Julia abandoned art when she was a teen.  She couldn’t find the value and purpose in life for it.  She went on living her life but always felt like something was missing.  After having her 4th child she picked up a brush and watercolor paint and started painting and creating again.  The piece that was missing was a part of Julia.  Now, she cannot live without painting and creating.

Working with Julia was an absolute dream.  You will hear directly from Julia below, but with our aesthetics being very similar, bringing her vision to life was easy and FUN for me as a designer.  Her logo was done by The Wells Makery (same talented artists who did my logo!)  It was a treat to be involved in a project with The Wells Makery because I adore them and their style.  I knew when Julia hired them for her logo it would be perfect.

The way I set up projects now makes the design process seamless and efficient.  If you'd like to learn more about HOW it works with me, click here!  Otherwise, keep reading to hear directly from Julia about her own website and experience working with me here at Emma Rose Company!

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Where and/or how did your passion for what you do begin?

I have abandoned art when I was a teen. I couldn't find use and purpose in life for it. I went on living my life but always felt like something was missing. After having my 4th child I picked up a brush and watercolor paint and started painting again. The piece that was missing was a part of me. Now, I cannot live without painting. I have realized how important beauty is to me and how I need to work with my hands. I deeply value handmade work and put all the effort using analogue tools. I love painting using watercolors and expressing my designs through fiber art in lovely hues is my happy place. I want to be a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.

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What is the BEST lesson you've learned since starting your own business?

I was terrified of putting my work out there and sharing it with the world. Taking that first leap was terrifying experience. I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and at one point in her book she talks about fear. She suggested putting your fear in a time out chair. So that's what I had done, I put my fear into a time out chair and just did it.

What do you wish someone would have told you when starting out?

Don't wait for a perfect time. Start small and build as you go.

When did you realize it was time for a rebrand and/or new website?

When I realized that I cannot have my business growing without help of others. I knew that I needed a professional website and I realized that it's time to hire a web designer.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about hiring a designer to help them with their website?

I know as a business owner we wear many hats trying to juggle everything. However, if you are not a website designer don't do it yourself. Your website is the forefront of your business. You want to put your make your best impression. Let someone else do that for you while you focus best on what you create or services that you offer.

What did you love most about working with Emma on your website that you'd like to share with anyone reading this post?

I loved working with Emma because we share a similar aesthetic. I knew that Emma would understand my style. Emma made the whole experience fun and easy. It was also easy to make some adjustments and Emma left me tons of information on how I can manage the website myself.