OMG. I Started a Podcast!


Welcome to the At Home With Emma Rose Podcast

At Home With Emma Rose is my newest project to run with the passion I have for telling stories, making connections, and helping women realize that they truly are the experts of their own lives and that reaching goals and chasing dreams is possible - if they're willing to do the work. It is my goal with this Podcast to shed light on the highs... and let's be honest, the lows... of running a business and balancing this crazy thing we call life.

I can’t believe I’m actually sitting down to write out this blog post to announce my newest project here at Emma Rose Company which is the upcoming launch of my brand new podcast, At Home With Emma Rose!

At Home With Emma Rose Podcast is launching on April 3rd, 2019! We’re just a few weeks away and I’m thrilled you’re here!

Thank you, sincerely, for being here to even read this post, hopefully have a listen to the FIRST episode — okay, it’s not really an “episode” — but more like a “Get pumped!” preview! I also have some bonuses I want to share with you for being here and following along with me!

Episode #oo highlights:

  • Sneak peek into the new podcast, At Home With Emma Rose!

  • Why this podcast might be for you.

  • What you can expect as a listener.

So what’s next?

Well, I hope we have your attention and that you’re excited! Sweaty palms over here, my friends — shoot me a note in the comments below to tell me what you thought of the podcast introduction or you can email me directly at! I’d seriously love to hear from you!

Something I’ll be doing regularly on the show is answering Q&A’s from YOU! Is there anything you’ve been anxious to pick my brain about but haven’t really known the best way to ask me? Don’t hold back — I want it all! You can do so by heading here to the Podcast page and filling out the form at the bottom! I can’t WAIT to hear from you!

Episode 00 is short and sweet because I want you to get PSYCHED about what’s to come with the show and to share a tiny little bit of my heart and why I’m so fired up about this project.

The At Home With Emma Rose Podcast launches on April 3rd so stay tuned!

Be sure to subscribe to it on iTunes, download the episodes, and leave a positive review! I know those phrases get SO annoying (trust me, I listen to like a million podcasts) BUT, it truly is the only way to help your favorite shows grow and reach more people! I’d love your help with this and promise to share every single review on my Instagram stories and highlight them on the show, too!

Do you love organization as much as I do?

I created an awesome resource to help you navigate through the podcast and to keep track of everything you’re going to learn! There’s a video below to tell you exactly how it works so you can best determine if it’s the right fit for you and how you like to stay organized!

Have I convinced you? Yay! Your episode tracker also comes with access to my productivity power pack… trust me, you will be SO happy you said yes to this free + totally amazing resource!

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