Pacific Northwest Family Photo Session | Mcallister Family


Just over a year ago I had the pleasure of capturing Madison and Jared's engagement session!  Little did I know at the time she was 6 weeks pregnant with sweet baby Eleanor (who goes by Elle "L").  We met at the same spot for round two which is seriously one of my favorite locations!  Living in the pacific northwest is truly a dream and I'm always in awe of the beautiful places I get to make memories with my camera and clients!  

I normally show up early to a session to capture a bunch of details.

And I did for their session, too.  When I got outside and started getting my gear ready (I was 30 minutes early), I realized there was not an SD or CF card in my camera.  Okay, no problem... my case should be in the bag and have all my cards.  Nope.  Case wasn't in my bag.  I quickly ran inside to tell Madison that I would be right back because I forgot something of importance!   This has NEVER happened to me, ever.  As I drove to Raymond to meet my Husband it dawned on me that I did grab my case out of my bag because I'm gearing up for a trip to Mexico (to photograph a wedding) and I was organizing all my cards.  It's rare that I don't have at least one card in my camera at a time so this was just an all around weird situation.  Shaun and Riley dropped off my case and I headed back out to Menlo!  I pulled back into the driveway 2 minutes before our scheduled time which is all good but I was just so annoyed at myself!  I always triple check my bag and this time I didn't because I just assumed everything was in my bag from a previous session in the week.  So note to self: always triple check.  I'll be checking like 20 times before I fly out to Cabo this week!

Lessons learned, but all was good!

Madison and Jared are so cute together and then you throw baby Elle in there... wow!  This family is too much cuteness to handle.  I usually blog about 30/40 images but you are getting like 90 in this post because I just can't even help it.  I'm so grateful to my clients who hired me when I was first getting started and continue to use me as their family photographer.  It's truly an honor and a responsibility I take seriously to document these beautiful milestones in life.  So I'll stop talking now and let you see all the pictures yourself!  

For Madison's dress : click here.