Hulten Family | Magnuson Park Seattle, Washington


Have I ever told you how much I love Magnuson Park in Seattle?  Well, I do!  The last time I was there was for a beautiful senior session.  When Katy told me she wanted to take pictures at Magnuson Park for their session, I said "YES!"  The community garden is so cute and so perfect for sessions.  It was a sunny day all day and then when it was time for pictures the cloud cover came on strong but I reassured Katy and Eric that I absolutely LOVE shooting in overcast weather. 

The Hulten Family was so cute and fun!

Little miss Maya had a little bit of a tough time at the session but honestly, you'd never guess it looking through the gallery.  Sometimes when kiddos are having a tough time, parents stress and I can see it in their faces but I always reassure them that even if it seems like I'm not getting the "shots", I am!  My favorite pictures of Riley are the ones where she's either looking away from the camera or looking at me with her somewhat blank stare.  It's something about her sweet little eyes that draw me in.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the smiles BUT I also love the in between moments that are so true to life.  

There were plenty of smiles during our Magnuson park community garden session!

Katy booked me several months ago and she really spent time and effort planning for their session from the ADORABLE little umbrella, to the suitcase, and even the off white chair we used toward the end of our time together!  I send all my clients a portrait style guide which I think plays a huge role in my sessions.  I don't ever want to TELL my clients what to wear, but this guide really helps educate my clients on what photographs best to match my style and aesthetic.  Clients book ME because they love my light and airy look.  You won't get the same look you see through my Instagram if you wear all black or really dark colors, it's just the way it is.  Will you still love your pictures?  Heck yeah!  BUT my style guide digs into WHY I favor certain tones when it comes to wardrobe.  The Hulten Family dressed their best and it was perfect in this community garden setting.

Thank you, Katy, Eric and Maya for choosing me for your family portraits!  I had a wonderful evening with you three and hope you love this "peek" as much as I do!