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I'm asked weekly on how and WHY I focus so heavily on Pinterest with my online business.  Well, Pinterest is definitely my secret weapon to this crazy world of entrepreneurship and blogging!  Over the past two years I have figured it out and can't wait to share my tips and tricks with you to help you not only grow your account, but BOOST those stats on your website!  Since focusing heavily on Pinterest, I've more than tripled my blog views and have hit nearly 10k followers in less that two years.  My Pinterest account is ACTIVE but the beautiful thing is that I only spend about two hours on it per week and then it does the rest of the work for me... with Boardbooster.

This post isn't intended to tell you everything I've learned about Pinterest, that will be coming later!  However, today I'm going to talk about a program that I've used from the beginning that has changed the way I run my Pinterest account and helped me grow my numbers significantly in such a short time.  

Today is all about Boardbooster!

But first, we need to cover some basics so that this post makes sense! 

I used to think of Pinterest as a place to pin pretty pictures and find recipes.  I had no clue what it really could do for business owners!  #mindblown when I started figuring it out!  You may or may not know this, but it wasn't that long ago that Pinterest changed their algorithm (just like everything else am I right?!) and it affected how pins are seen.  Pinterest is a search engine - much like Google.  When I wrapped my head around that, it all started making more sense to me on how to use the new algorithms and make it work FOR me and not against.  They make new algorithms and then change it again.  There are a few things we DO know...

1.  Pinterest loves consistency.  Just like Google, it wants to trust you.  Same with Instagram... the more frequently you pin, the more likely your pins will be seen!

2.  VARIETY is important.  While it's wonderful to share your own "stuff".  For example, on my own Pinterest account, you will see my main boards on the top row.  The rest of the boards are filled with pins other than my own. 

 Click on the image to check out my full Pinterest profile for more inspiration!

Click on the image to check out my full Pinterest profile for more inspiration!

I used to just pin whenever I had a moment but here's the catch:

Sharing 50-100 pins in one sitting does NOT hold the same weight as re-pinning a variety of those 50-100 pins slowly over a few days.  This looks spammy and the algorithm does NOT like it.  Same goes for Google... Google needs to trust you as a website.  Trust is lost with things like spammy activity, broken links, etc.  

Alright Emma, so how do I fix all that?  I would like to introduce BOARDBOOSTER!

BoardBooster allows you to schedule your pins in advance and make it work FOR you.  If you are a small business owner like me, mama, and someone who wears ALL the hats ALL the time, you need more TIME.  I didn't want to waste hours at the computer so when BoardBooster was introduced to me, I fell in love and I fell in love FAST.

With BoardBooster you will be pinning consistently with far less hassle and time.

Since joining BoardBooster I gain an average of 300 followers per week.

My pins are repinned 30% more than they were before.

My own content is being repinned an average of 52% more per pin than ever before!  What does this matter?  Well, this means that my business name, and links to my own blog are being shared daily and to a much wider network.

I only spend max two hours on Pinterest per week and it's usually in one quick sitting.



Essentially there are three primary features of BoardBooster:

1.  Scheduler - lets you pin to a secret board which BoardBooster then re pins to your public board on a schedule of your choosing.

2.  Campaigns - allows you to set up what is basically a "drip" campaign and repin one pin multiple times over the course of days, weeks (even months to different boards.  This is the feature I use for all my own personal pins from my blog!

3.  Looping - this feature takes old pins from the bottom of a board and repins them to the top!  SO GOOD!  You can also set this up to automatically delete duplicate pins too!  They have seriously thought of everything.  Fresh new content without any work!  The only thing with looping is you want it to be enabled for LARGE boards - like boards that have hundreds of pins because it won't look right on smaller boards.

4.  The PIN Doctor - this feature will go through ALL your boards (or whichever boards you select) and tell you which boards have broken links, etc. and it will fix it for you!  Remember when I talked about SPAM and that search engines hate spam?  Well broken links aid in that so with this feature you can remove ANY and ALL broken links that could be hurting your rankings.  

Here are a few more BoardBooster Tips

1.  Keep your secret boards full!  BoardBooster is awesome because once you set everything up in their website, the rest of the work happens directly in your Pinterest feed.  You pin everything to the secret boards and they filter out based on your settings within the BoardBooster website.  

I'm showing you my CURRENT boards (there are about 15 more boards, too!) but this is how it SHOULD NOT look!  Keep those boards full!  I like to keep about 75-100 pins within the boards at any given time.  This keeps my Pinterest running for me for weeks at a time.  If I'm super busy I'll fill it just enough to last the week but I like to give myself less time at the computer if possible!

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 10.24.59 AM.png

2.  You can delete anything at any given time!  Don't worry about it being perfect when you first get started.  Get the hang of how it works and have fun with it!  There are TONS of free resources online to help you set up and get started.

I've tried other programs like Tailwind, and it was pretty and all - but comparing the two I've found BoardBooster much more sophisticated and easy to use!

Does this cost me anything?

Yes, BoardBooster is a subscription.  However you CAN try BOARDBOOSTER for free with 100 pins.

They don't require a card or paypal to try it for free and I love that!  This is one of those softwares that you will quickly fall in love with and quickly upgrade your plan... just trust me on that!  Once you see all your stats start rising you will know how and why this program is SO powerful!

THere's more, friends!

I'm a huge fan of tracking progress.  I've designed a helpful PDF printable for you to use when starting this new chapter with BOARDBOOSTER!  Document your stats from now and keep checking in monthly so you can see for yourself on paper how incredible this program is for your business!

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