Dreamy Seattle White Home & Retail Space Tour | As Featured in Style Me Pretty

Dreamy White Home in Seattle As Featured on Style Me Pretty Living | Emma Rose Company_1.jpg

If you've ever needed some inspiration to turn your space into a white and gold dream space, then this is the post for you!  A few months ago I was contacted to head up to Seattle to photograph a beautiful home and retail space.  Before I dive into the images, I'd like to tell you a little bit about the owner of this home, and her business!

you walk into their space and instantly feel at home

Colleen, the owner of the home and retail space "Forage" is what you could describe as classy, sophisticated, unique, and timeless.  Colleen and her business partner Melissa have worked tirelessly to bring items to their space that are perfect for events or personal use.  My trip started in the home of Colleen (I wasn't able to get to Melissa's home but hope to eventually!) and her husband, Darrek.  A little back story is that Colleen used to be my live in nanny growing up in Seattle, Washington.  She is now one of my near and dear friends and I've enjoyed staying in touch with her and her family over the years.  When she called me to come do this I couldn't say no and knew it would be amazing.  Well, it was.  Colleen and Darrek are two of the nicest and most loving people I've ever known and they have raised two incredible daughters.  I feel blessed to be in their lives, and for my daughter to know and be loved by them, too.  

Oh, did I mention these were published in Style Me Pretty?  Yep, they were!  I'm so proud to have my first ever publication.  And while it's not the portrait work I dream of getting featured on their blog, it's a start and either way I'm absolutely THRILLED!  I get to place that badge on my website with pride.  If you caught this recent post of mine, I talked about goals for business right here....this was one of them for me!

As my style has evolved and as I went through a home renovation myself recently and I've fallen in love with all things white.  Everyone thought I was crazy when we planned the kitchen and I wanted white appliances, cabinets, sink, etc.  but once it all came together they saw my vision come to life and everyone was on board.  I can't wait to blog my own kitchen renovation because it's been a labor of love and it's just beautiful!  Anyway, back to Colleen's home.  If you're needing a little inspiration, this is definitely the place to be because you are going to fall in love with their space.  If you are ever in Seattle, Washington be sure to check out their beautiful space in The Pacific Galleries Antique Mall - 241 South Lander Street Seattle, WA 98134.


You HAVE to go see their space for yourself! Everything about it is just beautiful.  I cannot wait to get back there to fill up my own shopping cart!  As my photography business continues to grow I'm finding myself venturing up to the city (Seattle) more now.  I'm excited about this next chapter in my business and getting to spend more time exploring all the stuff to do.  While I do love our quiet little town of South Bend, WA, it's just that....quiet.  As Riley continues to get bigger, taking her on adventures with me is going to just keep getting more fun.  

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this home as much as me!  It's truly a space that makes you want to completely overhaul your current space and make it as white, clean, and organized as possible!  The touch of gold and peach/coral tones throughout their home is just stunning.  I feel honored to have been the one to photograph it AND to have it published on a blog I admire!

Until next time, friends!

Always, Emma