Bay Center, Washington Mommy & Me Session | Seattle and Portland Wedding Photographer | Miskell Family

This winter has been one of the wettest in the history of South Bend, Washington!  The rain this year has been wild.  I ran a Mommy and Me series but the rain put a serious hindering on scheduling them!  I ended up taking it off my Facebook page because it was impossible to work around the rain!  However, recently the Miskell family reached out to me to see if I was still having any so I said, "yes!"  I looked at the weather and it actually looked like we were about to get a break from the rain.  It was perfect.

The sun was shining for this adorable Mommy and Me session in Bay Center!

I had never done Mommy and Me sessions before but I think I'm hooked!  I found a cute little spot right in Bay Center that was just perfect overlooking the bay and showed a little character of our area... oyster shells!  I look forward to doing more of these sessions in the future.  We were only together for twenty minutes but I knew instantly before I even took my camera out that this session would be a lot of fun and so cute!  Amber and her girls were just precious.  The girls were at the perfect age for a photo shoot and took my directions beautifully, I was so impressed!  

Thanks for spending a portion of your evening, Miskell ladies!  Next time we will have to have Dad join us! :)